The B Brothers Nonprofit Project is a fundraiser I developed in which member animal groups can earn 40% of book sales by helping to promote The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer. All nonprofit animal organizations are welcome to join. The Project is designed to help all animal-focused nonprofit organizations—small, medium and large. For complete details and FAQs, click here.

How does the B Brothers Nonprofit Project work?

  • You sign up (for free).
  • We send you information and a special link through which people can buy my book.
  • We send you a user name and password to access online resources and account information.
  • You implement a marketing strategy, encouraging donors, friends, family and animal lovers to purchase a copy of the book through your link.
  • Check your orders online.
  • Receive accrued earnings monthly.

Full details and videos about the B Brothers Nonprofit Project here.

My goal for the Project:

  • To share my dogs’ lessons on fear and guilt and living in the present with as many readers as I can. The Project can help get books into more readers’ hands.
  • To honor the B Brothers—they were my wonderful teachers during their illnesses.
  • To help nonprofits by donating proceeds from book sales. If the book does well, and it will with your help, your gain will also be significant.

Click here for FAQs and full details.

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